The Negotiation of Meaning in the Musical Vanitas and Still-­Life Paintings of Edwaert Collier (c. 1640 – c. 1709)

Debra Pring / edited by Antonio Baldassarre, Wien: Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag, Frühjahr 2015 (Studies in Music, Dance & Theatre Iconography 1)

ISBN 978-­3-­99012-­052-­1 (hbk)

ISBN 978-­3-­99012-­054-­5 (epub)
ISBN 978-­3-­99012-­053-­8 (pdf)

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This book, the first to provide a full-­length consideration of this artist, examines the vanitas and still-life works of the Dutch-­born artist Edwaert Collier. Collier worked in Haarlem, Leiden, Amsterdam and London and was primarily known for his vanitas, still-­lifes and so-­called 'miscellanies'. Musical content is to be found in the majority of Collier's vanitas works, comprising more than 70 paintings, which fall within the scope of this book.

More than a monograph, the work here falls under the discipline of music iconology, thus the musical content (instruments and notation) receives especially thorough attention within an investigation of the content and form of the works under consideration. The approach used here attempts to  ally formal-­visual considerations with iconological theory (which notions have over time been in opposition) in order to utilise the wider arena of art and music theories.

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