Opera and Diplomacy from the Ottoman World to Papal Rome

Suna Suner

ISBN 978-3-99012-121-4 (hbk)
ISBN 978-3-99012-123-8 (epub)
ISBN 978-3-99012-122-1 (pdf)

In Preparation.

This theatre and opera-historical work concerns itself mainly with the cultural role of diplomats between the Ottoman Empire and European States: Analytically and categorically bringing together the two fields of opera and diplomacy, the work endeavours to investigate as well as illustrate the correlation of diplomats and opera/theatre – a theme up to today under researched by the scholarly world. The chief motive has been to research the origins of European performing arts (in this respect, opera and theatre) in the Ottoman Empire, the urge to research opera history in the Ottoman capital prior to the founding of the State Opera of the Republican Era, as well as the question whether theatre and opera had connections to diplomacy in their history.
The key aspects of the subject matter are; the relevance of European diplomacy and opera/theatre in the Ottoman Empire; the Ottoman diplomacy in Europe mainly in the 18th century, with focus on the opera and theatre experiences of the Ottoman ambassadors to Vienna during the century, followed by an emphasis on the sefâretnâmes –embassy reports by the Ottoman diplomats; and the correlation of opera and diplomacy within the European context, with the investigation of opera and European diplomacy in Italian opera history, thus the presentation of ‘diplomats’ operas’ as a ‘forgotten genre’ through the main discussion of diplomats and opera as closely connected not only in Ottoman-European aspect, but also within European context itself.
As for the outcome; through this work, diplomacy and opera are endeavored to be brought together on a cultural-historical level. It is also meant as a contribution not only to the Turkish theatre and cultural historiography, but also to the historiography of the age-long cultural exchange between Turkey and Austria. Last but not least, through this study introduction of the genre of diplomats’ operas to academia is aimed at.

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