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Huib Schippers, Wei-Ya Lin and Boyu Zhang (eds.), Copyeditor: Ching-Wah Lam: Applied Ethnomusicology. Practices, Policies and Challenges, Wien: Hollitzer Verlag, 2024, 196 pages, 17 x 24 cm, English, Hardcover

ISBN 978-3-99094-213-0 (pbk) € 50,00
ISBN 978-3-99094-214-7 (pdf) € 49,99

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Huib Schippers , Wei-Ya Lin , Boyu Zhang

Applied Ethnomusicology

Practices, Policies and Challenges

Over the past three decades, applied ethnomusicology has emerged as a major force in working with music, culture and communities worldwide, generating a wealth of new approaches and practices. Explicitly or implicitly, these often question the traditional role of the music researcher as merely an objective observer; they invite taking greater responsibility and deeper engagement with the people we work with.

Highlighting an exciting diversity of local practices with global implications, this volume illustrates how to work of contemporary ethnomusicologists intersects with major issues such as social justice, education, representation, and intangible cultural heritage. With contributions from six different continents, the fourteen chapters in this volume constitute an important step in the international dialogue in scope, methods and goals of ethnomusicology in the 21st century.



Preface: Study Groups, Honeybees, and Dialogues in Applied Ethnomusicology
Anthony Seeger

Introduction: The Vibrant and Diverse Practices of Applied Ethnomusicology
Huib Schippers

Part One:
General Reflections on the Field

Applied Ethnomusicology in China and Beyond: Dialogues and Reflections
Boyu Zhang

Outreach, Inreach, Transreach? - Defining Types of Musical Community Engagement
Bernhard Bleibinger

Let’s Not Forget the Larger Context: Short-term Applied Projects and Long-term Sustainability
Anthony Seeger

Part Two:
Applied Ethnomusicology and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Ways of Engaging with Traditional Music Performances by Chinese
Ethnomusicologists: A Personal Perspective
Xiao Mei & Yukun Wei

Uyas Kmeki of the Seediq: A Case Study on the Efforts toward Cultural
Sustainability in Taiwan
Yuh-Fen Tseng

Practice and Experiment: China’s National Cultural Ecosystem Conservation
Areas as a New Approach to Intangible Cultural Heritage
Gao Shu

Incorporating Intangible Cultural Heritage in a Local Conservatory:
The Case of Dongbei Dagu, a Narrative Art from Northeastern China
Zhilian Feng

Part Three:
Applying Ethnomusicology in Various Settings

Applied Ethnomusicology in Museum Exhibitions: Critical Reflections on Sound
Narratives as a Method for Knowledge Transfer
Matthias Lewy

“Music Without Borders”: Austria as a Case Study in Conducting Intercultural Music Education Through Ethnomusicology
Wei-Ya Lin

Performing Cultural (Un-) Sustainability: Rationale and Impact of an
Applied Theatre Workshop in a West-African Graduate Programme
Pepetual Mforbe Chiangong & Nepomuk Riva

Rama and the Worm: A Performance-Based Approach to
Applied Ethnomusicology
Dan Bendrups, Robert G. H. Burn & Henry Johnson

“Quilombo, Favela, Rua”: Sarau Divergente in the Fight against
Black Genocide in Rio de Janeiro
Grupo de Pesquisa em Etnomusicologia Dona Ivone Lara (GPEDIL)