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Miško Šuvaković: Neo-Aesthetic Theory. Complexity and Complicity Must Be Defended, Wien: Hollitzer Verlag, 2017, 344 pp., 17,5 x 24,5 cm, English, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-99012-370-6 (hbk) € 39,90
ISBN 978-3-99012-372-0 (epub) € 29,99
ISBN 978-3-99012-371-3 (pdf) € 29,99

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Miško Šuvaković

Neo-Aesthetic Theory

Complexity and Complicity Must Be Defended

A permanent state of emergency: a neo-aesthetic view on contemporary politics and art

Miško Šuvaković describes his experience of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as a “permanent state of emergency”. The author explores this perspective in relation to the politics of time (dialectic historicizing) and the politics of space (geographic difference). By mapping visual arts, performance arts, architecture, music, new media and postmedia arts with contemporary theory, philosophy and aesthetics, he challenges established conceptualizations in modern and contemporary art movements.



Politics of Theory

  1. Theories of Modernism
    Politics of Time and Space
  2. The Return of the Political
    in Contemporary Aesthetics, Philosophy and Art
  3. Troubles with the Economy, Geography and History
    The Social Turn
  4. Gray Zones – Political Economy through Forms of Life
    Eleven Theses on Feuerbach, Friedman, Hayek and Speculative Realism

Socialism / Cold War / Postsocialism

  1. The Aesthetics of Disruption
    Platforms of Avant-Garde Production in Socialist Yugoslavia and Serbia
  2. Conceptual Art
    The Yugoslav Case
  3. Beyond Borders
    John Cage, Cold War Politics and Artistic Experimentation in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Music Through Aesthetics

  1. The Phenomenology of the Screen (and / or / as) Event
    Musical De-Ontologisation
  2. Aesthetics, Politics and Music
    The Context of Contemporary Critical Theory
  3. Music and Politics
    The Reconstruction of Aesthetics and the Contemporary World

Critical Architecture

  1. General Theory of Ideology
  2. Architecture as Cultural Practice
    The Market’s Appropriation of the Social or the Ideology of the Multitude

Performance Art

  1. Technologies of Performance in Performance Art
    Concepts and Phenomenological Research
  2. The Avant-Garde: Performance and Dance
    Ideologies, Events, Discourses
  3. Discourses and Dance
    An Introduction to the Analysis of the Resistance of Philosophy and Theory towards Dance
  4. Theoretical Performance
    Performative Knowledge

Performance Art

  1. Appropriations of Music
    Postmedia: Music
  2. Beyond Paper
    Postmedia and Flexible Art
  3. Bio Art
    The Prehuman / The Human / The Posthuman
  4. Simultaneously Always, Now and Everywhere
    A Real Fiction
  5. Multiple Political/Sexual Bodies
    Between the Public and the Intimate
  6. Auto-Criticism of Subjectivisation
    Painting as Postmedia Politics

Experimental Theory

  1. A Claustrophobic Event
    Bare Life
  2. A Narrative
    An Utterly Ordinary Evening – PETIT a


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