Cover The Well-Tempered Festschrift

Harry White: The Well-Tempered Festschrift. Reading "Music Preferred", Wien: Hollitzer Verlag, 2020, 180 Seiten, 11,5 x 18,5 cm, English, Softcover

ISBN 978-3-99012-780-3 (hbk) € 30,00
ISBN 978-3-99012-781-0 (pdf) € 29,99

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Harry White

The Well-Tempered Festschrift

Reading "Music Preferred"

The Well-Tempered Festschrift is a reading of Music Preferred: Essays in Musicology, Cultural History and Analysis in Honour of Harry White, edited by Lorraine Byrne Bodley and published by Hollitzer Verlag in 2018. The Well-Tempered Festschrift reflects on each of the essays in Music Preferred in turn, and it also accounts for the circumstances in which Harry White met the contributors to Music Preferred throughout the course of his working life. The Well-Tempered Festschrift is thus a musicological memoir as well as a detailed review of the contents of Music Preferred, dedicated to the friends whose work is pictured within. It responds to the liber amicorum of Music Preferred with an answering echo that may well be unique in the annals of scholarly Festschriften.