Cover Dafne in lauro Fux WV II.2.11 (K 308)

Alexander Rausch (Hg.), hg. vom Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage an der ÖAW: Dafne in lauro Fux WV II.2.11 (K 308), Wien: Hollitzer Verlag, 2020 (= Johann Joseph Fux Werke B/I/2), 188 S., 24,5 x 33 cm, Deutsch | Englisch, Hardcover

ISBN 978-3-99012-864-0 (hbk) € 199,00
ISBN 978-3-99012-865-7 (pdf) € 198,99

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Alexander Rausch

Dafne in lauro Fux WV II.2.11 (K 308)

In 1714, at the imperial court in Vienna, the collaboration between Johann Joseph Fux (ca. 1660–1741) and the poet Pietro Pariati began: the story of Daphne and Apollo was performed as their first joint opera for the birthday of Charles VI. In this version of the well-known myth the virtuous nymph is transformed into a laurel tree, which ultimately becomes the symbol of the Habsburg’s exemplary rule.
With his Dafne in lauro, Fux created a masterpiece of baroque opera literature, which was last staged in 2019 as part of the styriarte music festival and became a huge success with the public.
The new scientific edition of this opera oers a musical text according to the guidelines of the historical-critical Fux edition. Notes on performance practice supplement the musical text. The music-historical introduction (in German and English) contains further information on the first performance and the musical structure of the work. The Italian libretto has been critically edited for the first time.

Informationen zur Reihe Johann Joseph Fux - Werke / Information about the series Johann Joseph Fux - Werke





Literarhistorische Einleitung von Alfred Noe

Literary historical introduction by Alfred Noe


Musikhistorische Einleitung

Zur Erstaufführung 1714

Zur musikalischen Gestaltung

Bemerkungen zur Neuedition


Music-historical introduction

On the first performance 1714

Remarks on the music

Remarks on the new edition


Abbildungen / Images


Notenteil / Score


Verzeichnis der Musiknummern / List of music numbers


Kritischer Bericht


Hinweise zur Aufführungspraxis



Critical report

Description of sources

Remarks on performance practice

Detailed proofs




Libretto – deutsche Übersetzung von Alfred Noe

Libretto – English version


Abkürzungsverzeichnis / Abbreviations